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Vocal Children’s Show «Holos. Dіty 3» («Voice. Kids 3»)

Live broadcast of «Holos. Dіty 3» («Voice. Kids3») , TV Channel «1+1». Andrii Boiko «Misto» (Onuka).
In the third season of «Holos. Dіty» («Voice. Kids») «Pravdin Production» traditionally provided technical and creative support to the project. We created 16 graphic performances for the live broadcast. The show for Andrii Boiko was one of the most vivid and memorable. The performance «Misto» on the idea of the directors transformed the TV-screens into the streets of the metropolis. Even the cubes under the feet of the young singer sparkled and shimmered with neon lights of the night city.

Дата проведения: 04.12.2016

Режиссер-постановщик: Mariia Grigorashenko, Natalia Lysenkova, Natalia Ostrikova